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    Thanks to your help, my monthly health insurance bill is ZERO. And no change in my excellent coverage. Your ability to search different insurance carriers gave me the edge on selecting the best plan. All at no cost to me, and NO PRESSURE! Thanks very much. Rich L**** , Gainesville, GA Disabled age 61.
    Richard L.
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    The Senior Enrollment Center was recommended to me by a friend of mine. David reached out and has been more than helpful! I had no idea where to start when it came to my Medicare and they made it very easy to understand. My wife and I are very happy with our policies.
    Walter G.
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    I was very confused about my Medicare and decided to fill out an add on Facebook for a free consultation. They delivered as promised but made things so much easier with their explanations. I really liked that they specialized in Medicare and my agent David knew his stuff!
    Marge J.
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    After having my phone called by a million call centers over seas I asked a friend who they used when he got his supplement. He put me in touch with the Senior Center. They were well spoken and armed with the facts about Medicare. They also helped me select a Dental plan as well. Would definitely recommend their services.
    Paul C
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    I found the Senior Enrollment Center off a google search. Although I had not worked with them before I felt no pressure and was confident in making my decision after they explained the ins and outs of different carriers. I finally used my plan and was covered at 100% just like they promised and couldn't be happier!
    Jennifer F.
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