Medicare Made Simple

  1. Maximize Your Coverage
    Did you know there are Medicare Supplemental plans that can cover you at 100% ?
  2. Eligability
    Did you know that when you're new to Medicare this is may be your only opportunity to get a supplement without having to answer health questions?
  3. No Networks
    Not only will your current doctor take this policy but in the future you will be able to see any doctor of your choosing that accepts Medicare!
Supplement Features
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Medicare Advantage Features
  1. Bang For Buck
    With Low to No premium plans available Medicare Advantage plans are some of the most affordable plans with great coverage available in the United States!
  2. Eligability
    There are no health questions and you are guaranteed to get an Advantage plan no matter what your age or health status are.
  3. Networks
    Most Advantage plans are HMO and PPO policies which mean you must choose from a list of doctors to see to maximize your coverage.
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Medicare Letter Significance​

  1. Part A: Hospital
    Medicare Part A is Hospital insurance and helps cover cost if you are staying in a hospital, skilled nursing facility or hospice care.
  2. Part B: Medical
    Medicare Part B is Medical insurance and helps cover cost for doctor services, outpatient care, durable medical equipment and other medical services. If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan you must continue to pay your Part B premium.
  3. Part D: Prescriptions
    Medicare Part D is Prescription Drug coverage, and helps cover the cost of many outpatient prescription drugs. If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan this drug coverage is usually included into the plan, otherwise it is offered through insurance companies as a separate plan.
  4. Part C: Medicare Advantage
    Part C also known as Medicare Advantage includes Part A, Part B and sometimes Part D. It is all in one plan.
  5. Picking the Right Plan
    Our Agents are licensed and certified to offer you all the plan types available with all the major carriers. Our job is to educate our clients on the ins and outs of Medicare since some plan types make more sense than other based on your specific situation. Call today for your free medicare consultation!
  6. Medicare Supplement
    A Medicare Supplement is sometimes referred to as a medigap policy. This is because it fills in the gaps of what parts A&B do not cover. With a supplement you also do not have network restrictions with doctors, hospitals, etc.
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